The Polar Academy

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What they do– We unlock the vast potential within the ‘invisible and forgotten’ young adults in our education system and turn them into positive role models for their community and families. Each year the Polar Academy will inspire and motivate thousands of young adults, positively demonstrating that by “inspiration through exploration” anybody can achieve their absolute potential.

How do they do it– The Polar Academy conducts visits to High Schools and offers a selected number of the young adults, between the ages of 14 and 18 years old, a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a major Arctic Expedition. This expedition will be beyond anything that they have ever determined to be possible and will positively change the lives of the participants and their families. Returning to the UK as true role models they will have a wide ranging and positive impact on their communities, as each participant will give back to their peers and community a programme of positive outcomes – each participant is tasked with inspiring a minimum of 3000 other young adults in their community.

Who they are– The Polar Academy is the brainchild of, and is run and managed by, Craig Mathieson. Craig is an accomplished and respected explorer, having led the first dedicated Scottish expedition to the South Pole, taken a 16 year old youth to the North Pole and led many other expeditions to the Arctic. In 2013 he was awarded the title of “Explorer in Residence”, by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. Together with his team of professionals from the SportsScotland Glenmore Lodge, the National Outdoor Training Centre, they make up the training and expedition team.

Why they need to do it– Passionate about inspiring the next generation, Craig has shared his experiences with many schools. The replies he received to questions such as “what do the pupils aspire to?” and “what motivates and inspires them” led him to conclude that irrespective of social background, many young adults have very little self-confidence and motivation and are of the general opinion that they will not be able to achieve anything significant in their lives. Craig decided to do something about addressing this; it was out of this experience that the concept of The Polar Academy was born.

The Polar Academy

An interview with CRAIG MATHIESON on STV

Polar Academy Students Pulling the Pick up

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