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Send Your MacBook to Work

Get £800 | Payback £840 | Extend for £40

Get your Gold to work for you

Get £1750 | Payback £1837.50 | Extend £87.50

Send your Watch to work

Get £1000 | Payback £1050 | Extend £50

Money Station Premium 28 Day Buyback.

The Premium Buyback service is exclusive to Money Station customers. Premium Buyback is for transactions over £500* and has a fixed fee of 5% for up to 28 days. The Premium Buyback is available on selected items only (see examples below).

*Premium Buyback has a 5% fee for period up to 28 days. Failure to Repurchase your goods within 28 days will result in them being sold.

Most common Premium Buyback items


iPad Pros



Gaming Laptops






What items are not accepted?

Items with a resale value below £1000 are not accepted. The items that we do not accept regardless of value are Musical instruments, Car/Motor vehicles, Sports Equipment, Memorabilia, Games Consoles, PCs and Power tools/Building equipment.

If your item is not suitable for the premium Buyback service it may be eligible for the standard Buyback service.

Is the fee really 5%?

The fee is 5% we have an example above showing the calculation if you completed a Premium Buyback with a transaction value of £1200.

15 inch MacBook Pro


For 28 Days*

Buyback for

Anytime after 48hrs 

Extend for

Extra 28 Days

24ct Gold Bars


For 28 Days*

Buyback for

Anytime after 48hrs 

Extend for

Extra 28 Days

Money Station also offer Instant Cheque Cashing, Holiday Money, 12 Week Layby Standard 28 Day Buyback service