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4% Cheque Cashing with Money Station

For more information call 08000 323 441

Has your local Cash Generator or Cheque Centre closed? Find your nearest Money Station Shop with our store finder. We offer the best rates on our 28 Day Buyback with an option to payback in instalments and Instant Cheque Cashing at 4%. Money Station offer the most competive rates on foreign currency and Cash for for Gold. If you use Cash Converters, Ramsdens, Cash Generator or Cheque Centres see what Money Station can do for you.

4% instant cheque cashing with Money Station
4% instant cheque cashing with Money Station

What if I don't have an account with Money Station

When you come into the store we will setup an account for you. Check our requirements on our opening an account page.



Before we can cash your cheque we require that you provide us with the following ID

One Piece of Photographic ID

Passport, Drivers Licence or Benefit Letter.

One Proof of Address Letter

Council Tax, HMRC/Government Letter, Gas/Electric bill.*

Is the rate really 4%?
Yes we cash all cheques at 4% no minimum amount required
Do you have a service or handling charge?
Yes we have a £1 charge per cheque.
Can I cash a cheque from my employer?
Yes instantly
Do I need a bank account
No we pay you in cash
I don't have photographic ID can I still cash a cheque?
If you do not have photo ID we can accept a letter stating your recieve benefits.
Can I use the letter with the cheque as address ID?
No, your address ID must not be related to the cheque or from the same organisation/company.
Can I cash a cheque with 2 names on it?
Yes, we would require full ID from both persons named on the cheque.
*Letter must be dated within the last 3 month. We cannot accept a letter accompanying the cheque as proof of address.