The UK's Only Buyback service that lets you payback in instalments



We agree an amount of INSTANT CASH for your items. (No limit to the number of items you can bring in)

  • We will store your goods safely & insured, for up to 28 Days.
  • You can BuyBack your goods anytime within the period.

There is a fee that you will pay when you pickup your items.

28 Day Buyback FAQ’s

Can I put any item on BUYBACK

We consider most items of value, if you are unsure please call us before making the trip

Do I need ID?

YES. Visit our guide page click here 

Can I BUYBACK before 28 days

Yes you can BUYBACK your items at anytime or payback in instalments

Does using BUYBACK effect my Credit Score

No using our BUYBACK service will never effect your credit score

I never bought my item back can I use BUYBACK again

Yes if you have used BUYBACK previously and not redeemed your item you can still use BUYBACK again

We Buy

Bring in your item(s) for a FREE no obligation valuation.

We hold

We hold your item(s) safely and securely in store


Buyback your item anytime over the 28 day period

Payback in instalments

Money Station are the only company to offer you the chance to payback using instalments