Our BUYBACK service allows you to use your goods of value you own to raise Instant Cash TODAY.

ezgif.com-maker (1)Typically this can be Phones , iPad, Laptops, Gold, PS4, PS3 games etc…..we will consider most items! Once we have agreed an amount of cash for the goods (we have no limit) Money Station will purchase them from you.

We will store your goods safely and insured, for a period of up to 28 Days. You can BuyBack your goods anytime within the 28 Day Buyback period or you can come and make instalment payments anytime.

There is a fee that you will pay when you pickup your goods. This will be agreed when cash is advanced for your items.

What do I need to do now?

Take your goods into one of our 10 stores or call us now for estimated value on your goods.

For store locations click here

Do I need to bring ID?

YES. Visit our guide page to see what ID you need to bring click here 

What happens if I want my Item back sooner than 28 Days?

No problem you can payback your buyback amount at anytime and take your item(s) away.

I get paid weekly, can I pay in instalments?

Yes, Money Station has the only Buyback service that lets you pay in instalments with no minimum amount.

Will using a Buyback affect my credit score?

No using our BUYBACK service will never effect your credit score


70-72 George Street, EH48 1PJ


645 Ferry Road, EH4 2TX


192 Main Street, ML4 1AF


27 La Porte Precinct, FK3 8AZ


82 North High Street, EH21 6AL


64 Main Street, ML5 3BQ


22 Townhead, G66 1NL


29 High Street, PA1 2AF


Township Centre, G34 9DT


Craigshill Mall, EH54 5DZ

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